Here at Cavan Creek Boerboels, our dogs are part of our farming family contributing as an integral part of our daily routines. Selling pups only occasionally, we are a small and very selective family oriented business.

Our Commitment
We take the decision to breed Boerboels very seriously and although they are a good looking dog,  that in itself is not a sufficient reason to breed a Boerboel. At Cavan Creek Boerboels we breed specifically for robust health and an extremely sound temperament. The good looks are just a bonus.  It has taken years, and the purchase of Boerboels from 3 countries around the world to get our breeding dogs . We are absolutely sincere in our commitment to responsible breeding and placement our pups, which is reflected in our success rate. We began researching Boerboels in 1998 and after 2 years of research (combined with 25yrs exp. with dogs) the decision was made to import our first Boerboels from South Africa and we have not looked back!

We decided to responsibly raise these dogs, as they fit our the rural lifestyle so well! They are absolutely perfect from playing with our grandchild and all children in general to fearlessly protecting everyone and everything on our 55acre farm from ALL trespassers, be they human or wild animals.

They are an integral part of our family readily accepting our friends and relatives. That being said a good Boerboel is a highly trainable dog whether for sport, obedience, scent work, agility, protection or therapy work, while always being a faithful companion. A good Boerboel combined with with responsible ownership is a very versatile dog. Our Boerboels have proven themselves time and time again routinely encountering wolves, bears, raccoons and other assorted threats to a farm fairly . We began working with a professional schutzhund instructor and we are delighted with the progress our dogs are making and we will soon have Schutzhund titles along with various obedience and show titles to support the versatility of this breed. The Boerboel is not a dog for everyone but if you are considering a Boerboel as your choice of dog please give us call