Cavan Creek Boerboels Standards:

1. General appearance:
The Boerboel is a big, strong and sturdy dog with powerful muscles.
His movements should be agile and his body should be sturdier, heavier and bigger than the boxer, but shorter in the leg than the Great Dane. The dog should not measure less (at the shoulder) than 66cm and the bitch not less than 61cm.

2. Character

The Boerboel must be good natured - intelligent, with a steadfast,
well-balanced character and loyal to his master, even if it means losing his own life. He must show good watchdog qualities from a very early age and must love all members of the family, specially the children.

3. The head
This is one of the most important features of the dog,
as the whole character of the dog is reflected in the head.
A) the head must be big, strong and broad between the ears.
B) the upper jaw must be strong and broad at the back, with only a slight narrowing to the front.
C) the lower jaw must be broad with only a slight narrowing to the front and should not protrude in front of the top jaw.
D) the lips must be loose and fleshy and the top lip flaps must not hang over too low or appear too coarse and thick.
E) the nose must be black - not liver coloured.
F) the nose or bridge of the nose should not be too long between 8-10cm,
measured from the tip of the nose to a straight line between the eyes, where the eyes start. The nose bone must be straight, with very little or no tilting up like the boxer - no longer nose like a a Great Dane.
The head must definitely be a “bole” head with a strong mouth which melts in symmetrically with the head.
No teddy bear look. The head of the bitch would naturally be slightly smaller and appear more feminine than the dog.

4. Build of the body

A) The neck
Strong and thick with sufficient length to go with the body,
also strong and muscled with a loose skin. The top of the neck should be straight and blend well into the shoulders.
B) The back
Strong, broad and straight, slightly hunched over the haunches is acceptable.
C) The chest
Broad and strong with the loose skin of the neck blending in and tautening between the front legs,
which should be widely spaced to accommodate the broad chest.
D) The legs strong, straight and able to carry the body well with well-shaped paws.
E) The tail should preferably be cut short.
F) The coat short and smooth.
G) The ears must be floppy and of medium size and fit the head.

5. Colour

Brindle-, yellow (lion), grey, red brown, brown, with or without white markings, with or without black muzzles, will be acceptable. We are trying to achieve a single colour dog with no or very little white.

6. Eyes light brown, yellow brown and dark brown is acceptable. Blue or blue-grey is unacceptable